With works that require treatment in our facilities we provide a full transportation service.
We have two prime movers and three trailers which can cater for loads which are;
  • up to 18m long
  • up to 16.5 tonnes
  • up to 3.5m wide
  • The organizational skills of our staff ensure that all transportation is done on time and to budget. We ensure you get the following advantages:
  • Service - no delays.
  • By dealing direct you will always know where your load is.
  • No charge for loading/unloading at our premises saving you hundreds of dollars.
  • Competitive Rates!

        We also have a weighbridge at our premises to assist in speedy and accurate project billing and record keeping. The systems does the following:
  • Ensures correct and accurate charging of your account.
  • We can provide weighbridge dockets upon delivery.

  • Please contact our Webmaster with questions or comments.
    D H Corrosion - D P C Coatings